Donations, tithes, and offerings can be made online using the 3 options below. Thank you for your contributions!

Option 1: Chase Quickpay

Whether you are a Chase account holder or using a different bank, you can use the Chase Quickpay method to send tithes & offerings. Click the link below and follow the instructions to setup Chase Quickpay (For Chase account holders, you can also do this when you are logged in to your account online). It is a very quick and simple process!
Name: Living Way Community Church
Email Address:

Option 2: For Bank of America & Wells Fargo Customers

Log into your accounts online and you can send a donation (Person to Person) using this email address: Please put your EMAIL ADDRESS on the Memo/Note line along with any other information for your donation. For Wells Fargo customers, you can use the name "Michelle Lee" for the recipient's first and last name.

Option 3: Paypal