Our Vision

At Living Way, we’re all about glorifying God by making fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. What’s a disciple, you ask? We define a disciple as someone who seeks to live all of life under God’s gracious rule and life-giving reign. Put another way, a disciple is one who lives the surrendered life for his/her joy and God’s glory.

We have a simple yet clear three-pronged process by which people can grow in their discipleship to Christ here at Living Way.

Encounter Christ

We believe discipleship is rooted in an encounter with the person of Christ. Scripture tells us that it is in seeing His glory that we enter into a relationship with God (2 Cor. 4:4) and are transformed into His likeness (2 Cor. 3:18). Thus, we seek to be a community that magnifies Christ and His glory in our Sunday gatherings, so that through our worship, teaching, and fellowship, people would encounter and be changed by the gospel of Christ.

Experience His Reign

A disciple seeks to apply the kingship of Jesus to every aspect of his/her life. This devotion and submission to the lordship of Christ determines one’s perspective and conduct in all matters of life. At Living Way, we gather together in small groups to grow in our obedience to God and His Word in the context of loving relationships. It is in these smaller, more intimate settings that we learn to live under His loving rule and experience the abundant life promised to us—a life lived in joy and peace (John 15:10-11).

Expand His Kingdom

A disciple seeks to advance God’s Kingdom in the world by living and spreading the gospel. When Christ defines and directs our lives, we take on His mission (Luke 19:10). That is, our aim is to expand His Kingdom through relevant and relationship-based evangelism. Our commitment as a redeemed community is to touch unbelievers with the reality of Christ, making disciples both here at home and abroad. We believe the gospel of Christ is the most dangerous, life-changing message the Church can proclaim.