Child Dedication

child dedication ceremonyThis is a wonderful opportunity for parents who are members at LivingWay to formally dedicate their children to the Lord in the presence of their spiritual community. There are two aspects of the ceremony that will be important for parents to know in participating in the event: Significance and Promises.

I.  Significance of the Event

  1. You are committing your child back to the One who gave him/her to you.
    Scripture tells us that children are a gift from the Lord (Ps. 127:3). Because they are gifts given in grace, it’s only fitting that these children be dedicated back to God, the one who created them for His purposes. In presenting your child to the Lord, you are asking that God in His grace would bless, nurture, and protect your child so that in due time he/she would come to know His saving grace and live for His glory.
  2. You are making a commitment to raise your child in the ways of the Lord.
    As you recognize the incredible gift God has given you, you are now making a formal commitment before God to raise your child in His ways. You are also promising to provide a Christ-centered environment for your child by modeling Christlikeness in the home and teaching them what it looks like to walk with God.
  3. You are requesting that the spiritual community help you raise the child well.
    You recognize the important role that the church will play in the life and formation of your child. Thus, you are asking that the church come around you and walk with you in the journey of raising your child so that your child can fulfill his/her God-given potential.

II. Promises Asked of Parents

  1. Do you promise to strive to provide a Christian environment in your home through the things that you do, the words that you speak, the attitudes that you carry, the values that you hold, and the love that you display? Will you strive to provide a home where Christ is modeled and worshiped?
  2. Do you promise to strive to give your child godly instruction, discipline, and guidance so that he/she would learn to love and obey God? Will you provide this training with an attitude of love and gentleness and not with overbearance?
  3. Do you promise to give to the Lord your unwavering commitment to raise your child with the knowledge that he/she is first and foremost the creation and child of your heavenly Father? And if God sees fit to call him/her into Christian vocational service, do you promise to support and pray for your child with gladness?
  4. Knowing your own limitations and frail humanity, do you promise to call upon God through diligent prayer, asking that He would provide you His wisdom, guidance, and strength in being the godly parents you want to be?

To sign up for child dedication, please fill out the form in the link here.