Small Groups

small groupssmall groups

Discipleship Community Groups

Our Purpose

Discipleship Community Groups (or DCs) exist to foster an environment where people come to experience the life-giving reign of Christ in every compartment of their lives in the context of loving community.

Today’s culture is completely “high tech and low touch.” It celebrates and promotes individualism over community. Privacy and seclusion are valued over connection. However, God didn’t design for us to live our lives alone. He created us for relationship with Him and with others. We were made to belong and to be part of a community—a group of people living life together, growing together, and serving God together. That’s why we created Discipleship Community Groups. Life-change doesn’t take place in isolation. They take place in the context of authentic life-on-life relationships that connect on a heart level.

small groups

Four Pillars of DC

Discipleship communities are all about getting our people to experience the life-giving reign of Christ through the Word, sacrificial care, prayer, and outreach. Through DCs, the church becomes more than a weekly meeting—it becomes who we are.

Discipleship Communities are currently on break and will resume in the fall. Signups will be made available late summer!